Pigment Kits

For tinting gel-coat

Basic Kit

Pigment Kit

Includes the Following Pigments

White, Black, Light Sienna, Medium Chrome, Light Chrome, Chestnut, Raw Umber, Blue Green Shade, Green Blue Shade, Moly Orange, Monastral Violet, and K.C. Red

Expanded Pigment Kit

Expanded Pigment Kit

The Expanded Pigment Kit is the same size as the Basic Pigment Kit, the two kits vary in what colors are included.

Includes the Following Pigments

White, Aqua, Purple, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Light Chrome, Medium Chrome, Thick Orange, Aryl Red, Chinese Red, Green Yellow Shade, and Goldenrod


Pigment Kit - $68.95
Each Jar - $7.25
Pigment Pint - $38.95

Tips and Tricks

The Use of GCP Polyseter Pigments
Color Matching Guide

Color Matching Video

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