Instructions for 'Gel-Coat Do-It-Yourself Spray Kit'

Contents of Repair Kit

Gel-Coat With Wax 4 OZ Styrene
220 Grit Sandpaper 2 OZ Buff 2000
400 Grit Sandpaper Spray Pack
600 Grit Sandpaper Gloves
4 OZ Acetone 1/2 OZ Catalyst

Before Starting, Read All Directions, Warnings and Disclaimers on Gel-Coat Can

Step 1: Lightly sand area to be Gel-Coated with 220 grit sandpaper.

Step 2: Clean area to be Gel-Coated with acetone.

Step 3: Pour desired amouint of Gel-Coat in spray pack reservoir leaving at least 25% of reservoir empty. Take note of cc (cubic centimeters) level on side of spray pack reservoir.

Step 4: Add and mix Duratec to Gel-Coat in spray pack reservoir. Use 25%-50% Duratec by volume. Ideal amount of Duratec will depend on temperature and humidity.

Step 5: For every 10 cc of Gel-Coat noted in Step3, add 5 drops of catalyst. Mix thoroughly

Please note: Once catalyst is added, the window of use or 'pot life' is 15-30 minutes depending on temperature and humidity. Ideal temperature is 72 degrees. Material will not cure (harden) below 55 degrees. At hotter temperatures the pot life is shortened and less catalyst is required.

Step 6: Assemble Spray pack. (Instructions are on the side of spray can)

Step 7: Apply in several thin overlapping passes rather than one single heavy coat.

Step 8: When reservoir is emptry and/or when finished, run acetone through spray pack to clean. If spray pack is not cleaned before material cures it will become useless. Do not pour unused catalyzed Gel-Coat back into uncatalyzed Gel-Coat.

Step 9: When cured tack-free, wet-sand with 400 then 600 grit sandpaper. Be sure to keep area and paper very wet.

Step 10: Using soft cloth, polish area with Buff 2000

Sit Back and enjoy a job well done!

Please note that these materials are hazardous and should be handled carefully, with proper ventilation and with gloves.